Saturday, 11 May 2019

An Epic Tale (VII) - Da Orks!! (or at least some of them)

It appears that I have finally rekindled my urge to paint(after nearly 9 months of meh!), and in a moment of madness I picked out some of my Epic Orks, my only unpainted Epic army(due to their being a reasonably large amount of them!)

Being 6mm I hoped the ease of painting them would help me get back into painting, plus being Orks I can use more interesting colours and don't have to consider an overly uniform look.

I have decided to represent all the traditional Ork clans in my army so I started on the largest of my planned clans the Goffs:

This is the main mob 20 infantry stands plus sufficient transport ( I intend to put some chequered decals on the banner from my Blood Bowl orcs - when I find them)

A horde of Stormboyz with Deff Kopta support

 A big mob of Stomperz plus various Dreadnoughts/Killa kanz and a Tinbot

Artillery support in the form of a big mob of Big Gunz

And finally for the Goffs some armour

All the Goffs.

I then moved on to the Death Skulls clan which is only one mob of infantry with some Big Gunz - using the old Lootas models which seemed apt:

For Blood Axes I used the few Kommandos I have:

Which leaves the Bad Moons (to which I have allocated a similar amount of troops as the Goffs, less the Stormboyz and Stomperz), the Evil Sunz(Speed Freeks) which I have about 45 vehicles to paint up and the Snakebites which are a larger force than the Death Skulls plus a few Squiggoths, so I'm about half way through and have made a small start on two of the remaining clans:

While the entire force is not yet complete, I now have a decent enough Ork army to use whilst I finish off the rest. I am aiming for around 6000pts in total which matches my other armies:

The Orks(so far):

The Eldar:


And the Imperial Guard:

And whilst waiting for these to dry I have been pottering away at some 15mm fantasy which will be the subject of my next post.

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