Monday, 10 August 2020

Man O War (Part 4)- Scenery

Whilst the card islands and terrain features that come with the box are good enough, I couldn't resist making some 3D terrain. Figuring Brigade Models small scale scenery stuff should fit size-wise I placed a small order for some buildings, castle parts, towers etc to tart up my planned islands, and these are the results:

First up a few sea stacks made from wine corks, and one of which has a few towers attached to make it more interesting and fantasy and an ancient lighthouse that I reckon looks fantasy enough:

Next a selection of small islands, featuring temples, and fortifications:

The  larger Islands(although one is meant to be a headland rather than an island):

A sunken temple(inspired by playing too much Assassins Creed: Odyssey) made from odds n ends from the bits box:

a couple of dangerous rocky areas:

Finally a wreck marker and debris counter:

And that should be more than enough to add some variety to the blue sheet I currently use as a sea-scape, though when I an next be bothered I might have a go at some of the chaos themed terrain!

A week at the seaside coming up and as their is a FLGS there I may come back with a totally new project or more likely just a restock of paints/brushes.


  1. Very cool. Really like the wine cork sea stacks.

  2. Thanks Jim, they are really easy and fun to do too, plus you have to drink the bottle of wine first - bonus!!