Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Silly Scenics (1)

I am sure some of you do as I do and buy/make and paint up pointless pieces of terrain/scenery either purely for fun or to add some verisimilitude to your board.

Whilst the majority of these pieces are completely pointless rules-wise, I do enjoy making/painting them so I thought I'd share a few examples:

6mm Hanged man(Irregular miniatures)
6mm Sheep, Cows, Pigs, Carts (Irregular miniatures)
Before painting these I checked to see what breed were common in the medieval period to avoid any anachronisms(sad I know!!)

10mm Encampment (Tents and Fire pit - Pendraken, bits n bobs & solitary tent GW Warmaster range, Horse - Irregular)

10mm Castle (GW Warmaster range, Sheep (Irregular)
(Whilst a nice model, this castle is fairly useless gaming wise, as it has little to no room for model placement, plenty of room for sheep though!)
More 10mm Sheep
(I appreciate the ruin has some gaming use, the sheep however has none!)
6mm Improvised Barricades (Irregular Miniatures)
(In case you cant make it out it consists of, bottom model L-R, dead horse, sofa, chest of drawers, bed)
6mm Statues (plinths from Leven Miniatures, miniatures from Baccus and Irregular -10mm range)
6mm Searchlight(Irregular)
Fountains/Well (Perfect 6)
6mm Train wagons (H&R)
Downed Fighter (Irregular)
(I didn't notice the dead pilot hanging out of the cockpit until I undercoated this model, its a nice but grim little touch)
6mm Gliders (H&R)
(I really need to straighten those white lines they are definitely a bit shaky)
6mm Ammo and Supplies (Leven)

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