Monday, 23 March 2015

An Epic Tale (I)

No the paint work isn't epic, and the size of the army isn't particularly epic, what is epic is the length of time it's taken me to actually finish an Epic 40K Army, some of these models I have owned for 26 years!!!

When I finally put my mind to it I finished these in just over a month, although to be fair I had undercoated most of them 20 years or so ago, and painted a couple of detachments and a Dreadnought about 12 years ago when Epic: Armageddon was released. Unfortunately I couldn't match the paint work/colours of my earlier marines to my more recent attempts so I had to go back over them to bring them in line. I found a quick an effective way of getting the bulk of the painting done, by simply undercoating in black and then dry brushing with dark grey followed by light grey, this just left the details to do:- shoulder pads, weapons etc. So here you go an epic army 26 years in the painting:

The whole Army arrayed (6200pts)

Scout Detachment including original 26 year old Rhinos

Two Bike Detachments

A Chaplain leading one Bike Detachment

Tactical Detachment 1 with supporting arms

Tactical Detachment 2 with supporting arms 
Close up of the Dreadnoughts

 Land Speeder Detachment 1

Land Speeder Detachment 2
Predator Annihilator and Destructor Detachments

Devastator Detachment with supporting arms

Tactical Detachment 3 with supporting arms

Assault Detachment 1 lead by Chaplain

Terminator Detachment 1
Old School Drop Pods
Assault Detachment 2 (with converted captain)

Whirlwind Detachment with attached Hunter

Terminator Detachment 2 lead by Chaplain with Land Raider transport

 Tactical Detachment 4 with Supreme Commander and supporting arms

Close up of the Supreme Commanders stand
And finally I do have some Air support and some Titans, but these are all un-painted as yet my Thunderhawk remains un-built, come back in 2041 and I might just have them done. 

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  1. Hahaha

    I just played at AdeptiCon with my IFs. Those yellow bums have been pushed around for 20 years too. Keep chipping away!