Tuesday, 8 December 2015

6mm Sci-Fi/Post Apoc Project (III) - Scenics & the first Miniatures

Another quick post, showing a few bits and bobs I have been adding to my Sci-Fi/Post Apoc project, this time its a few buildings from the excellent Angel Barracks and a few of his miniatures too, plus some more miniatures from a selection of companies and some bits and bobs of terrain/objective markers. I haven't fully decided on what game to use these in as yet, or whether to go sandy desert or grey rubble on the bases hence the temporary plain-ness on some of them:

Angel Barracks:

Some old GW Epic Stuff:
Crashed titan
Ork Supa gun
crashed land speeder

spare skorcha trailer

 Old Crow infantry:

Steel Crown Aliens:


I really need to crack back on with my Imperial Guard but whilst there are a few smallish outstanding projects nearing completion I just cant concentrate on them, my plan then is to get these small jobs out of the way (dark ages warband, Napoleonic ships) so that I can get back on and finish my Epic stuff.

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