Monday, 4 January 2016

6mm Dark Ages(III) - The Warbands

Firstly let me wish any readers a happy New Year and I hope you had a merry Christmas.  It's a busy time for me as its both my children's birthdays around Xmas hence the lack of blogging, I have however managed to finish off a couple of projects and the dreaded mass of the Imperial Guard is dwindling fast. With that out of the way on to the subject of this post:

I am currently working on some Dark Age themed skirmish rules with the emphasis on raiding and plundering. This all started because of me buying the lovely H&R longships and my mate having some really nice coastal game boards. I wont go into the rules in detail in this post but will mention that each element is either an individual hero type or a "band" of 3-6 warriors, heros and bands can progress if they survive and plunder can be used to buy larger ships more men and equipment.

The rules are almost there so I need to get a load of play-testing in, not one for using card counters, I bought some Baccus Anglo-Saxons and Vikings at Fiasco, and have utilised a bunch of old Baccus Celts too.

My plan is to make a Viking warband and the Anglo-Saxons and Celts will act as the defenders of the settlements I will be raiding.(I have also picked up some Irregular woodland Indians which I may use for Skraeling defenders).  I will be using Perfect6's scenics along with Baccus civilians and various company's livestock as plunder markers and Levens Anglo Saxon buildings for the settlements all of which are done.

So onto the warbands, my mate Craig has already done his Viking warband so I have concentrated initially at least on the defenders first up is the Anglo-Saxons:

A couple of Light Bands:
Veteran Fyrd and regular Fryd:

Hero with entourage:



Leader and entourage:

The Celts:

Celt Hero and Leader:

And as I have mentioned the settlements and not yet shown a pic here are my roundhouses:

I will get around to doing my Vikings and some more Anglo Saxons at some point but as I now have (well with Craig's Vikings) everything we need to get playing they can wait until a few more pressing projects get finished.

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