Monday, 11 January 2016

Napoleonic Naval - 1/1200th (Part 3) - The Scenics

The final post in this series, and probably the most appealing to those with no interest in this period, the scenics.

The scenic pieces are all Langton and the Merchantmen are from Navwar:

Coastal Fort:

Harbour & buildings, along with blockship and floating battery:

Another Coastal Fort:

Telegraph station and shore battery:


Sinking Ship marker:

Martello Tower:
Harbour Boom:


A couple of Merchantmen for scenario purposes:

Well that's that project completed, two fleets an a load of scenics, as an added bonus the whole lot stores very easily and doesn't take up much space, both factors being very important to me.

I am currently still working my way through my Epic Imperial Guard and hope to have them finished fairly soon.

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