Friday, 4 March 2016

Gruntz - 15mm Sci-fi Project (1)

Following on from this post, I have committed myself to buying and painting up a few small forces for Gruntz a 15mm Sci-Fi Skirmish game. So far, I have only painted up my figures from Ground Zero Games and Eureka but will be cracking on with my Old Crow and Brigade models shortly. So on to the pictures, which show two squads and two vehicles from the start of one faction and one squad with supporting elements from my 2nd faction. I experimented with sponging on the camo scheme on the vehicles and I am quite pleased wit the effect, plus it was quick and easy:
1st Squad
(This first photo is from my last post on this topic)

"Trojan" Grav APC

Recce Squad

"Deimos" Light Grav Tank

2nd Faction (Eureka Miniatures)



You can pick up a nice little App for Gruntz which creates these cards for you:

And, as I have no scenery for this scale other than a few trees and hills etc, I have delved once again into the bits box to knock up a few bits:

These are from Critical Mass Games

I also picked up these two WW2 buildings from Warbases at Vapnartak:

Which with the addition of various gubbins and floors etc now look a bit more Sci-Fi than they did and I'm quite happy with how they have turned out (especially for the price).

 I also got hold of these from E-Bay for £5, which again look much more sci-fi with some bits added

I do intend to pick up some of GZG's buildings modification packs and buy a few more fairly plain buildings that I can then tart up, but at least I now have the start of failed colony settlement or post-apoc deserted town.
As I'm thoroughly enjoying the change in scale to 15mm I am cracking on with as many as I can whilst the urge is still there, so on with a 2nd squad of Eureka Ventaurans, some more scenery, and the rest of the GZG stuff before doing the Old Crow squad.


  1. Nice post, you've been busy! I like the terrain, your big ruins manage not to look like the "generic Stalingrad wreck" the kits were designed as. I see a NASA space tourism poster there :) Also for some reason I really like your yellow-helmeted commander or whatever he/she/it is. Stands out, looks sharp!

  2. Hi and thanks, I think the Stalingrad buildings benefited from being painted white, rather than a generic grey or terracotta. I like the commander too :-) I know its not very well camo'd but as you say it stands out

  3. Very nice work! Still haven't ordered any of these from Nic yet....need some space on the painting table...)

  4. Thanks Dom, just posted a bunch more Ventaurans on the blog, shame their are not more of them, medics, snipers etc