Sunday, 21 February 2016

Miscellaneous Scenics 1 (6mm)

I am trying to clear my paint schedule so I can concentrate on both my Epic stuff and the few bits of 15mm stuff I have, some of these buildings and scenic's have been hanging around for a while now so I decided to crack on and get them finished:

First up a couple of lovely buildings from Leven:

Some magical standing stones from some spare bits of modelling putty I had left over from my sea-bases:

Not sure who makes these, I was given them by a friend, but he hut will be usable in both my fantasy and dark ages games, and the adobe buildings can work for my planned Old West project and Sci-Fi:

I couldn't resist picking these up at Vapnartak, 5 for £2.50, Allotments/gardens from Timecast:


And finally having acquired a load of scenic tufts at Vapnartak, I went back to my Dead Marshes piece and added some reed-like tufts and some flowers which does finish it off quite nicely.

I am engrossed in 15mm Sci-fi at the moment and that will probably be the subject of my next post.

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