Thursday, 11 February 2016

Honestly, its not all 6mm!(3)

It might not be 6mm stuff this time but it is more Sci-fi. I have been tempted by the numerous lovely ranges of 15mm sci-fi stuff for a few years now and I suppose it was inevitable that I would one day give in to temptation. well that day has come and I have splurged a few quid on a bunch of 15mm sci-fi stuff mainly from Ground Zero Games. Oddly in my roughly 30years of gaming I have never painted 15mm, its probably the only scale I haven't tried my hand at before.

So here are my first attempts at painting 15mm stuff, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed painting these and it made a nice change from the usual 6mm fare.  As for colours etc, the uniforms are Vallejo US field drab with Coat d' Arms Faded Olive and I have gone over the visors with a clear gloss paint from Humbrol which gives them that bit of shine

All miniatures from GZG.

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