Sunday, 14 February 2016

6mm Sci-Fi/Post Apoc Project (V) - KR16 Campaign - The Combatants

I have been playing a few games of KR-16 recently, mainly solo but with my mates too and I'm thoroughly enjoying it, its simple, quick and readily adaptable to suit your own collection of minis.

It's also free here at the Angel Barracks site.

Therefore I have been painting a few more singly based Sci-fi minis to add to what I've done so far.

Having made up a brief background I have been allocating the minis I have to various forces and bringing them all up to a field-able size forces.

First up are my main combatants representing the atypical Big Bad Corporation:

"Sentry Gun" - 10mm Pendraken sci fi

"Tracked Gun Drone" - H&R Panzer chassis with cold war era turret

Secondly their opponents, representing Civilian Volunteers -


 Thirdly, The local Colonial Militia:


And some minor factions, starting with some native Xeno's: 


Alien Merc's: 

The Galactic Police:

Native Scavengers:

Native critters:

 Well that's that project almost finished, just want to add some civilians and some unique characters and I will have enough painted stuff for a decent campaign.

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