Saturday, 4 June 2016

Gruntz - 15mm Sci-fi Project (4)

More 15mm Sci-fi this time, almost there with this project and after this batch I am taking a break to do some other stuff for a while.

I have now received and painted up my Critical Mass Games Mech thus completing my Ventauran force, I have tried to keep its paint scheme in line with the rest of the Ventaurans and I am reasonably happy with how its turned out:

So with the Ventaurans out of the way, back to their opponents my Army faction, and this time round I have added several heavy weapons teams and a medic team (minis from GZG):

 (I really need to re-do the red cross as the wash has overly obscured it!)

Finally, I have added this nice Middle Eastern compound from Blotz which with some odds n ends and some old GoT vents etc rounds out my collection of buildings:

A complete change next time as I am concentrating on my small 6mm Old West project, providing that is I don't get too distracted by my latest new shiny toys - GHQ's 6mm Vietnam range!


  1. I like that mech, serious heavy metal there :)

    Also, good compound - the little details make it very sci-fi without going overboard into some spiky bitz caricature.

  2. thanks TP, I cant recommend the Blotz buildings enough they are bargainous and can be used for a number of periods with the addition of a few gubbins

    1. I do keep looking at Blotz! If I had infinite time, space and money I'd be adding stuff like no ones business :D