Wednesday, 8 June 2016

6mm Vietnam (part 1)

So it appears I did get side-tracked after all!

A new venture for me this time round, and whilst I did play 20mm Vietnam skirmish for a number of years this is the first time at 6mm and at Company level rather than Platoon.

For rules, I have gone with Too Fat Lardies - "Charlie don't surf" rules and I am really enjoying reading them so far, though I've yet to game with them.

As for miniatures, I somewhat reluctantly went with GHQ, reluctant purely because they are far more expensive than H&R for eg. However I figured I wouldn't need a great deal of infantry and very few vehicles and GHQ has a specific Vietnam range, so they won out in the end.

I haven't painted many so far but wanted to paint up a platoon to see how they would look on the table and here are the results:

Well that's it for this time, definitely Old West next on the agenda.


  1. Look good. Tough to capture these on camera.

  2. thanks, I thought I was getting better with my camera but the last few posts I seem to have regressed, I find my pics are either too washed out or too dark, cant seem to hit that middle ground!