Thursday, 4 August 2016

Wars of the Roses Project (Part 2) - Camps & Commanders

My Wars of the Roses miniatures have had a rare venture out of there box recently as they have been standing in for a human fantasy army and as the Lords & Lands medieval lists have been released they have even been used as actual WotR armies.

As they are based for Impetus they lack individual commanders so I have had to make a few from the last of my spare minis, and whilst I was at it I decided to finish off one of the encampments I had made ages ago but never gotten round to painting.

All the Command stand minis are from Baccus:

The Encampment, minis from Leven, Baccus, Perfect6 and Irregular:

It felt good to reduce the amount of unpainted WotR stuff I have, I really must try to do a unit here an there to get them done.

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