Thursday, 24 November 2016

6mm Dark Ages(IV) - The Vikings

I am determined to finish off both my Dark Ages project and the Imperial Guard before Christmas, both are nearly done, this post features my small but deadly Viking raiding force which represents a Longship's worth of troops:

(All miniatures from Baccus)

Just the last of the Anglo-Saxons to do now and that will be another job finished.


  1. How did you paint your steel on these, they look great!

  2. Hi Rex, I undercoat all metalwork in black and then simply paint in a bright steel colour ( I use Vallejo 70.864 Natural Steel)before washing the whole mini in a sepia wash

  3. I am thinking about starting a similar project and I was wondering if you'd be willing to share a copy of the rules you use or any tips/recommendations you might have. Thanks in advance

  4. I have been using a variant on the Lords & Lands rules,but I was initially using Age of Blood II which is a free PDF(and very good too), Lion/Dragon Rampant would work too