Saturday, 11 February 2017

Blood Bowl (I) - Human Team

I have been playing Blood Bowl on and off since the 1st edition, and its one of my favourite games ever, the release of the latest version and seeing my mates painting up teams in a matter of days put me to shame as I have had the last GW metal human team for 7 years and I have only undercoated them, so at the start of the year I determined to actually paint them.

I went with a relatively simple scheme to ease the process as I usually take about a week to paint a 28mm mini. Things started well and I get 4 minis done in a matter of a couple of days, then another 3, then I got distracted with my sideline staff(Cheerleader, Coach, Apothecary etc). Then I decided to paint the motley bunch of Orcs and Goblins I had and form them into a team along with an old 2nd ed Troll, these were fun to paint so I got through the whole team in a few days(more on these in the next post), before going back to the human team. That's enough background, on with the pics, first up my (GW) Human Blood Bowl Team and Staff:

Linemen (inc. an old 2nd ed. model):

My Catchers, Thrower and Blitzers:


Full Team:

Full squad:


Head Coach:


Team wizard:


Inducements/Score markers, etc:

The whole sideline:

I only have to base the Wizard and tidy the edges of the rest of the bases and they are as done as they ever will be.

Post Script:

I finished the wizards base:


  1. Awesome looking team!
    Love all the little details you added (such as different colored boots and ogre tattoo).
    Would love to see (read?) a game report of them on the pitch playing.


  2. Thanks for the kind words Axtklinge, they are the Praag panthers, their last game would have made a good report(well for me) a 3-0 victory with 5 casualties inflicted and none suffered!