Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Distractions & Diversions (5) - Faustus Furius 6mm Chariot Racing

Some time ago I started writing my own rules for a simple and cheesy Chariot racing game, I got about half way before getting distracted with something else, and I am glad I did or I would never have picked up Ganesha Games Faustus Furius.

This is a gem of a game and the total buy-in is minimal, a few chariots in whatever your preferred scale and that's it(well the rules of course). The games rules can be mastered in 10 minutes, yet provide everything you need for an evening of great fun, fast simple and fun - the three main ingredients for a good game in my opinion.

All my chariots are 6mm and from Rapier, I simply mixed up the crews for a bit more variety:

Obelisks(from leven0 to act as my turning points(15mm & 6mm mini for scale)

A couple of crashed chariots(Irregular):

Finally, I persuaded the boss to make me a chariot track from a spare bit of material:

Well at least it was 6mm stuff for a change, back to 28mm and 15mm for the next couple of posts.

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