Monday, 17 April 2017

Prohibition Era - 15mm Project - (IV) - Some Buildings

Still trying to finish off projects here, so this is the temporary conclusion to this project, as I have enough miniatures and vehicles(at least for now) So, onto some scenery, and here are the few buildings I have that sort-of suit the period, most are card stock and un-enterable which I am not happy about nor I am too happy as to how the brownstone paint job turned out, I really expected the card/MDF to soak up some of the colour and lighten the brown out a little, as you can see it didn't, so at some stage I'll have to do something about them.

I will also add at least 6 more enterable multi-storey buildings and I already have my eye on some that I hope will suit. As you can gather I am not too happy with the scenery set up for this project at the moment, but at least I have a few building to have a bit of a shoot out around:


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