Friday, 7 April 2017

6mm Fantasy Project (8) - (More Pocketquest heroes and some Bits n Bobs)

I have been busy of late with my latest sideline project(more on this in a later post), but in between that I have been trying to finish off a few smaller projects, one of which is my 6mm fantasy stuff, so here are my latest batch, just one more group of about 20 minis to do, but I ran out of putty for the bases:

Perfect 6, rats and spiders:

Baccus, Rapier & Baccus, heroes:

Baccus and H&R, heroes:

Baccus and Irregular, heroes:

Perfect 6, troll and orc:

Baccus, goblins:

Baccus, Elf command:

Perfect 6, pigs and farmer:
A few more heroes and villains including my rapier miniatures Medusa and Minotaurs and this project will be complete, well at least until I get hold of some more characterful minis.

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