Sunday, 22 April 2018

Gaslands (6) - More Vehicles including some Oddballs

I have managed to finish off a few more vehicles which just leaves the War Rig, 6 bikes and the last 2 cars to do.

First up some Oddball cars which are meant to represent the more far-fetched weaponry available to some of the teams:

And another:

A couple more bikers got done:

Bringing the total to 4(out of 10):

Another Monster Truck:

This one has the shape of a classic Dark Future Interceptor:

And finally muscle car type:

I'm definitely finishing off the last of the Gaslands stuff now before going back to other unfinished projects.


  1. Great fun! I particularly like the skulls.

  2. Thanks, they are from Alternative Armies 15mm range but seem to scale nicely with the cars