Wednesday, 24 June 2015

6mm Sci-Fi/Post Apoc Project (I) - Scenics

Whenever I set out on a project I like it to be a "self-sufficient" project that is I like to build both sides of a particular conflict and have suitable terrain, relevant templates, crib-sheets etc, so that I don't have to worry about anyone forgetting to bring that vital piece of kit.

With that in mind and having recently completed two 6mm Sci-Fi armies, I had a look through my terrain box to see what suitable stuff I had. I don't lack hills, woods and other generic stuff in this scale but wanted some Sci-Fi specific pieces.

Somehow I had managed to keep hold of most of the old GW original cardstock Epic buildings and a few from the later release (the taller buildings), even more surprisingly I still had a few of the GW Epic polystyrene buildings though they were very battered and I didn't have two matching halves anymore.

 As I am sure most of us have, I have a big box of shiny bits, things that I have found lying around, or off cuts from sprues, bottle tops, parts of old models etc in other words a Bitz Box. I had always planned on using some of this junk for a Sci-fi scenery project so in I delved.

My aims were simple; keep it small, make it quick, make it suitable for both Epic and a Post Apocalyptic setting, and with no additional expense.

Thus armed with cheapo Poundland Superglue and Wilco tester pot paints and the aforementioned bottle tops, I knocked together these:

Some of the pieces came from Dark Realm Miniatures  Weapons Platform pack.

I also had a few of the Angel Barracks buildings that I had picked up last year with this project in mind, that I set up as a sort of Post Apoc camp:

 And some Angel Barracks roads (the walls are some bits of packaging suitably painted):

I then took to work on the old GW Epic polystyrene buildings, these had been around the block, a few of them had been sprayed at some point and I had carved battlements in to them many years ago when I planned on turning them into castle of some sort. I was just planning on painting them, but the sheer amount of windows that would have to be painted and the fact that the rear of the building was hollowed out and meant to attach to another half meant I had to get the trusty craft knife to them.

I cut out each window and all the marked doorways. In the hollow rear, I cut out doorways and floors or at least ruined versions of them, a couple of coats of paint and they look loads better than what they did and as a bonus they will also work for my 6mm WW2 stuff:

I also found a Forgeworld bunker in the box of bits, I had sold the Defence line/Bunker set sometime ago but this must have avoided the cull, plus I had an Old Crow miniatures power plant:

Some old Micro-Machines stuff which again just needed a lick of paint:

Plus a few oddly eroded pebbles off the drive:

The whole lot almost fills a 2ftx2ft board:

Finally a mate gave me some little wooden houses with fairy lights in them, they were soon dismantled and re-formed, again this piece will work for WW2 and also my 10mm Fantasy stuff:

Currently I am finishing off the few 6mm Post Apoc cars that I have in anticipation of Microworld Games upcoming range, starting the mammoth task that is my Epic Imperial Guard army, and looking out for my package containing a Microworld 6mm Fantasy Wood Elf army.


  1. Top stuff - I really like those Angel Barracks based up shanty town settlement/homesteads!

  2. Thanks TP, the Angel Barracks stuff is lovely, need to place an order, got a few ideas for a couple of other gang camps and I need some of those solar panels!

  3. It is, isn't it... if money and time were infinite & I'd get a game in with them, I'd have a few more myself ;)

    Looking forward to seeing the next set come up!