Monday, 10 August 2015

6mm Fantasy Project (2)

I have wanted a Wood Elf army since I got into fantasy gaming many, many, long years ago, I started collecting a GW 28mm Wood Elf force on two occasions but never got really far with either and both have long since been sold off. I then picked up the GW 10mm Battle of 5 Armies Wood Elves but was disappointed in how they looked so these got side-lined too.

I have been drooling over Microworld Games stuff for a while and finally took the plunge and ordered a Woodland army - consisting of Wood Elves, Treemen, and Centaurs, I'm not sure which army I'll be picking up as opponents as yet but most likely the Dark Alliance range.

After the requisite cleaning up and much pondering over what colour scheme to use (yes, yes I know its gotta be green - but which shade and what other colours etc), I have now finally made a start, though I still haven't decided on a heraldic design for the shields and so have left them blank for now:

 The Army so far (16 more bases to go)

 Lesser Treekin

Forest Giant

 Elven Hawk Riders

 Centaur Nobles (Heavy Cavalry)
 Elf Champion

 Elven Sorcerer

  The General and entourage

To add a bit of variety to our games and just for a bot of fun, we have decided to add some random fantasy creatures into the mix, so I picked up a couple of Rapier miniatures packs at Joy of Six, so far I have only painted the Hydra:

And I had some odd and ends from Irregular Miniatures:

 Dark Rider and Dark Rider on Winged Beast
 A random Lion, which I think I will add to a Champion's base as a companion.

Finally I have now added a Wizard to the Leven Miniatures, Wizards Tower scenic base I recently made/painted:

On to the rank and file next, and I'll try to post a bit more regularly as I've let things slip of late although I have done quite a bit of painting (including a variety of 6mm ships - more next time) and gaming recently.

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