Monday, 17 August 2015

Silly Scenics (2)

Why is it that I can paint daft and often quite pointless scenic pieces all day long and not get bored yet I struggle to finish an actual army? Anyway following on from my earlier post here are the latest bits and pieces I have painted to enliven my battlefields, hopefully with these out of the way I can get back to more important projects:

Everything below is 6mm (1/300th)

 A couple of graveyards from Perfect 6 Scenics, I've removed the Christian iconography from one so it can be used generically
 Irregular Miniatures - Haycocks
 Barrels and Sacks from Perfect 6
 Irregular's general purpose boat

Irregular's Fantasy Galleon

 Perfect 6's covered wells and sacks

Market scene from Irregular with added bits from both Perfect 6 and H&R's deck furniture pack

 Baccus Miniatures civilians

And as I already have cows, pigs and sheep; a couple of H&R horses

 A dirty looking pond/pool a made on a practice run with some Dimensional Magic which I pilfered from the Boss when she wasn't looking! Hard to tell from the pic but it does have a decent looking water effect.

A ruin that will work for both fantasy and Epic made from bits from the faithful bits box.
For a change a bunch of these do have some actual game use other than prettying things up. I intend to use the livestock, civilians and bases of sacks/barrels/crates as objectives in a Viking raiding game. Mainly to get some use out of the lovely H&R longships I recently picked up and my mates beautifully crafted coastal terrain boards.

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