Saturday, 29 August 2015

6mm Dark Ages(I) - Longships

I recently paid a flying visit to Joy of Six, kids and the Boss in tow so I didn't stay as long as I had wanted, but still managed to spend a reasonable amount of cash and look over some stuff I'd had my eye on, the tables needed a good couple of hours to thoroughly take in, so unfortunately I didn't get to see them properly. I did get to meet Mick at Leven Miniatures which; after several years of e-mail communication it was good to put a face to a name and I picked up some more of his stuff and Perfect 6's scenics. Whilst collecting a H&R order for a mate I got to see their longships and crew in the flesh so to speak, this ultimately led to another purchase.

These miniatures are fantastic, very well sculpted and cast, easy enough to put together and a joy to paint up, the crew are much larger than your typical H&R mini and come without a base for ease in placing on the deck, I have completed three ships so far with just the crew to finish for my Skeid, I intend on picking up a further Snekki and the Drakkar in the future and some minis to represent the crews ashore.

 Karfi & crew

  Snekki & crew

 Skeid and the few crew I have done so far.


 A few size comparison pics

Some of the crew.
It's rare that I buy miniatures without a set purpose in mind, but these were an exception due to the quality of the models, and so as to justify them I'm now looking into Viking raid style campaign with some home brew rules.  In the meantime I have a bunch of castle walls to finish, and the rest of my fantasy army to do.

Update: I have now discovered that this particular range of Vikings and Ships were originally made by Kremlin Miniatures UK and sculpted by Martin Baker, before being purchased by H&R, hence the difference in size and sculpting style to the usual H&R fare.


  1. HHHmmmm, I might need a few of these for Galleys & Galleons. How many ships can you crew with a single crew pack?

  2. I think I got one of each pack(rowers, Deck furniture, Saga warriors, and command) and I managed to crew all three ships and have a good few spare

  3. Those are oar-some! I have one of these models myself, about to order some more

  4. Thanks Darren, I love these, wish I had more need for them in my gaming, and I need to add the big ship (Drakkar?) to my collection at some point