Sunday, 27 November 2016

An Epic Tale (III) - The Imperial Guard - part 3 - Finished!!

At long last I pulled my finger out and got down to painting the last of my Imperial Guard. It's taken me about a year on/off to finish but I got there in the end and I'm fairly pleased with how they look.

Here are the last few units of what amounts to a total of 6850 points for the 185 units in 20 formations plus a titan.

Support Platoons:

Infantry Company


More Infantry:

And a few pictures of the entire force:

These are nicely in time for a planned mega game over the Christmas holidays where they will be taking on my similar sized Marine army.

Back to the last of my Dark Ages stuff now, then a quick re-base of some 28mm fantasy stuff I did for me mum.


  1. Great work! Always a good feeling to finish off an army like this :)

  2. thanks and yes its very satisfying knowing its all done, at last!