Monday, 1 August 2016

6mm Fantasy Project (7) - Hero's & Monsters

I have been working through my small pile of spare 6mm fantasy minis finding uses for them and I didn't do too bad, managing to make some command bases for Lords & Lands Fantasy, plus some random monsters for the same game with the bonus that some may double for use in Pocketquest.

First up some random monsters:

And these will serve as Command types for Lords & Lands: 

And finally as I had more Orcs than I needed for Pocketquest, I decided to make a unit of mercenary Orcs for Lords & Lands(rules will be in the next issue of SSQ):

And for those of you who may not have seen, I have updated the PocketQuest page with a bunch of spare minis from Irregular, Microworld and Baccus who will act as extra heroes and villains, I wont repeat the pictures here, just pop over to that page which I will keep updating with my 6mm dungeoneering types rather than double posting here.

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